Amazon Brand - Solimo Pavo Engineered Wood Bookcase (Walnut Finish)

Amazon Brand - Solimo Pavo Engineered Wood Bookcase (Walnut Finish)

$5,709.00| 8,563,500 IQD

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$5,709.00| 8,563,500 IQD

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  • Product Dimensions: Length (70cm), Width (30cm), Height (174.5cm)
  • Premium-quality engineered wood bookcase which has undergone more than 20 safety and quality tests
  • Smooth and curvilinear edges for protection against accidental grazes and cuts
  • Earthy Walnut durance finish that gives it a charming look and makes it easy to clean
  • Large and sturdy shelf with a loading capacity of 60 kg
  • Tested for resistance against humidity, stains and hot water
  • Free from harmful carcinogens like lead, formaldehyde and pentachlorophenol (PCP)
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Product description

Solimo brings to you the Pavo Engineered Wood Bookcase. Made from premium-quality engineered wood, it has undergone various tests to ensure safety and quality. It is elegantly designed, with smooth edges and a warm Walnut durance finish. This bookcase has a shelf loading capacity of 60 kg. It is resistant to humidity, stains and hot water. Also, it is free from formaldehyde, lead and pentachlorophenol (carcinogen-free), making it a safe accessory for your home décor. It comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects as well.

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