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Privacy Policy

  1. Please be sure of your size because after ordering the items there is no exchange or returning of the items unfortunately except in some special situations.
  2. The color tones of the items sometimes may be slightly different because of the quality of the pictures in the site.
  3. we have delivery to your house.

Returning policy for items sold by Bazary Online Not bought through Bazaryonline.com ( other sellers , ebay amazon aliexpress or any website )

After the customer gets the item it can stay with him/her for about one day.

If the item does not fit (it’s larger or smaller in size) or if the customer doesn’t like its color tone , the customer can return the item with the following policies :

  1. The item should not be worn or used or washed and if the Item used or worn the customer can not return the item and should pay the delivery price for returning it to their home also.
  2. the invoice and all the parts of the item should be sent back with it, same as the customer gets it.
  3. the customer should pay for returning the item to the main office in their cities
  4. we will refund to your bazary online wallet as bazary online balance.
  5. 10% to 40% of the money of the returning item will be reduced.
    • 40% of the money will be reduced from the items from China website like shein, due to expensive shipping from China to Kurdistan and packaging.
    • 25% of the money will be reduced to the items of the Turkey due to expensive shipping from Turkey to Kurdistan and packaging.
    • 25% of the money will be reduced of the items of Britain due to expensive shipping from Britain to Kurdistan and packaging.
    • and also 10% of those items that are in our stores due to packaging.
  6. This guarantee does not involve (lingerie , bags , electronics, perfumes. accessories and your specials requests )

Special Requests Orders

we have some privacy and concern which the customer should accept it before requesting an order

  1. we accept your order requests from our websites ( www.bazaryonline.com)
  2. you will receive the item same as the link you have been sent , if there is a problem we can only do mediation between the customer and the seller. but the customer should warn the company in case of having any mistakes in their orders as soon as possible ( same day of receiving it) otherwise we can not do anything for him/her. Customers should choose one of the choices that we suggest during 3 days in case we do the most appropriate things for him/he. (the Customer doesn’t have legal rights over our websites during existing of the problems in their orders)
  3. our job includes buying and shipping of your items only we are not responsible for working or damaging any of your items. in case of existing such a problem we can do only mediation between the seller and customer (the Customer doesn’t have legal rights over our websites during existing of the problems in their orders)
  4. we can not transfer those goods that are forbidden according to the laws of countries and if taken over we Can not do anything for the Customer even if we can not refund them.
  5. if the customer wants two items even at the same time each of them will be counted separately
  6. If the Customer does not take their orders their money will be taken over , he/she has 2 month permission for taking their order. ( if the Customer doesn’t take orders after these 2 month at that time bazary online will sell their products without refunding the customer)
  7. In case the item being seized by the costumes of any country bazary online will not be able to refund the money.
  8. In case anything happens to the items during shipping bazary online is not liable to any refund. Customers who wish to insure their items safety must buy insurance for their items. The declead amount will be refunded to the customer if insured. Otherwise they will receive 0 dollar for their items in case of loss or damages.

How to buy stuffs from bazary online

  1. for buying items from the bazary online, you have to create an account in the bazary online website.
  2. after creating an account , the participant needs (reassurance balance card) for activating their account for getting reassurance balance card of bazary online you can contact to 07709552226
  3. After entering balance card to your account , your account will be activated and you can put the items into the bags
  4. after accepting the privacy and policy click on the buy until a new pages will be opened
  5. after clicking on buy buttons the customer can not cancel the request
  6. the items that you bought you can check it on the right-top of your account
  7. the price of the items are the final prices and the delivery price to your home

for more understanding you can watch our teaching videos

some examples of those websites that you can order from









About us:

Bazaryonline is created for serving Kurdistan and Iraq people for those who want to buy stuff from abroad such ( USA , UK , China , Turkey, Germany and other countries...

our company tried much for shipping your goods with the lowest price compared to others..

We are so glad to serve the best to our customers by transferring high quality items with the lowest Local and international transportation prices and the minimum period of time.

Bazary online buy your stuffs by themselves from worldwide shoppings without the needs of credit card of the customer and the contents of your stuffs does not relevant to our company

Our company assures you all to try to solve any problem with the seller when its exists

Delivery time

  • The delivery time for those items which is displayed in bazary online is about 2-4 weeks
  • The delivery time for these items that are ordered by special request from USA is about 15-35 days.
  • The delivery time for these items that are ordered by special request from China is about 30-70 days.
  • The delivery time for these items that are ordered by special request from Turkey is about 10-30 days.

When your items arrived our team will call you , and if not you call us

Forbidden goods

  1. Any subject that is not allowed in the laws and conditions of Kurdistan government
  2. military subjects , knives , weapons and any equipment that is not allowed
  3. items that are more liable for burning such as perfumes,oils and things that contain alcohol
  4. foods and medicines
  5. hidden cameras with all types
  6. and every sexual subjects